About 5-Star Sounds

At some point, music appreciation became synonymous with arrogance, petty judgement, and patronizing criticism.

Our goal is to change that.

5-Star Sounds Philosophy

Write About What We Love

We only write about the music we're passionate about. Our perspective is always that of a fan.

Avoid Negativity

We don't see the point in spreading negativity when it comes to appreciating music.

Focus on the Music

We're here to talk about the music we love, not to feed into the rumor mill. We'll never be a gossip site.

What Is 5-Star Sounds?

The purpose of 5-Star Sounds is to present a new take on music journalism—one without the excessive negativity of some other music publications.

Here, we only write about the music we love.

Besides, who has time for art-bashing anyways?

5-Star Sounds Team

Chad M. Crabtree

Chad M. Crabtree


Chad started 5-Star sounds in 2020 as a place for people to find positive music commentary. Though he grew up in a country music household, he loves alternative rock, folk, the blues, and most albums Pitchfork hates. He also has a soft spot for soft rock and anything melodramatic.

Tasha Ana Sandoval

Tasha Ana Sandoval


Tasha, who hails from a family of Latin jazz musicians, is a sucker for a good jam session. Though she listened exclusively to sad British rock in her teen years, she now listens to less sad British rock, alternative/indie rock, indie pop, R&B, neo-soul, and folk.

Lansing Brown, writer for 5-Star Sounds

Lansing Brown


Lansing is a collector of old vinyl and an appreciator of what’s new. He dabbles in folk rock, hip hop, indie pop, alt rock, soft rock, and when he’s feeling mutinous, punk rock.

Joshua Weinstein

Joshua Weinstein


Josh is a writer, vintage HiFi addict, and serial cassette hoarder. He listens to classic rock, big band jazz, and classic country music.

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